Painting a Figure Study from Life

Max Ginsburg

In this two and a half hour video with a special intro, Max Ginsburg paints a study of a person posing in three quarter length. He shows and explains the basic design and expression of the figure, relating it to the rectangle of the canvas, and then proceeds to develop the figure by blocking in the values and colors. 

Finally, Max shows the development into smaller forms, vocalizing his procedure while illustrating how his main objective is to express the human emotion of the figure. His alla prima (wet-on-wet) approach is shown in great detail, with painterly and fluid strokes. This video will illuminate Max's influences such as the Old Masters Rembrandt and Van Dyck, as well as John Singer Sargent.


- Painting with Max Ginsburg: Intro (870 MB)
- Painting with Max Ginsburg: Part 1 (11 GB)
- Painting with Max Ginsburg: Part 2 (10 GB)

(Due to file size restrictions, the video is split into 3 different MP4 files.)


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